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Having made Yellowknife their home for many years, the performers and artists listed here use the inspirational setting in Northern Canada to enhance and promote their art. 

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CeltArctic Musicians
Ceilidh Friends A Yellowknife folk quartet who perform and record a variety of musical styles. Who they are... * Career highlights * Albums * Photo Gallery * EXPO 2005 in Japan * NEWS
Moira Cameron A balladeer and storyteller whose specialty is acapella ballads and songs from Scotland, England, Ireland, Canada and the US.

Biography *Albums * Videos * Photo Gallery * NEWS * Ballad/Balladeer Feature * Stewart Cameron

Steve Goff (deceased) A photographer and folk musician who used a variety of stringed instruments to accompany a wide range of musical genres. Bio * Photography-Samples * Performance Pics * NEWS
Dawn Lacey A poet and musician whose Prairie roots flavour her artistic endeavours.

Bio / Musical Influences *

DVD * Reflexology and Tarot * Photo Gallery *


Steve Lacey A musician, songwriter and recording artist whose musical influences range from Canadian folkie favourites like Stan Rogers to British classics Gilbert & Sullivan.


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About CeltArctic...

CeltArctic.com is a forum to promote the creative talents of performing artists Ceilidh Friends, Moira Cameron, Steve Goff, Dawn Lacey, Steve Lacey, and the craft art produced by BottleArt Creations. 

All of the CeltArctic feature pages allow the artists to promote their talents and accomplishments as individuals and their connections to the Northwest Territories collection of artists.

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Sharing the CeltArctic Spotlight

A look at other performers from the Northwest Territories

House Ceilidhs

Song, music and story circles hosted in people's homes.

House Concerts

Acoustic performances in the intimate setting of someone's home.

BottleArt Creations

A new kind of art using recycled bottles.  See photos of sample bottles, and place orders.

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